A Note From Pastor Doug

     We are living in extraordinary times. This novel coronavirus has changed the way we live and interact in just a few short months. The changes are happening at an astounding pace. For all those who embrace change, it is a time filled with exciting and energizing challenge. For those who do not like change, and I think that is the majority of the people, it is a time that is fraught with anxiety. We hold tight to old ways of doing even though many of them are now considered somewhat dangerous, because we are creatures of habit. 

     And things are no different at church. We've had to modify much of our behavior. Being generally folks who enjoy, even crave, contact with our neighbors, now we find ourselves having to keep our distance from one another-for everyone's sake. And now, even worship has changed. Though we can only meet virtually for now, think of the advantage we have gained even when we are back together again. Friends who are travelling, or ill, or working or have moved away can still be in touch with the community. What a blessing.

     So our service will continue for now only on live stream through our Facebook page. Our live stream is easy to find once you are on Facebook. Just "like" the Central Christian Church Billings page and ask for a reminder when the service goes live. Not only will you be able to see and hear you can interact by sending your prayer requests over the page. 

     A big thank you goes to Braeden Roesler who set up all the equipment and operates the tech booth during services and to Sandy Stroh who provided the funds to purchase the cameras and other equipment needed to be able to live stream. 

      Giving will be important during this time as the ministry of the church continues even as we are sheltering in place. To help, the Region has set up a directed donation portal where you may easily select your congregation of choice and indicate the amount you'd like to charge as an offering to that church; the transaction is completed much as any online purchase is with name, address, card information, etc. The Region will then, roughly once a week, collect donation information and redirect the funds to the designated congregations. The transaction is secure and we think the site is easy to use. 



Of course, you may mail your offerings to the church office as well: 

Central Christian Church

1221 16th Street West

Billings, MT  59102

Please be in touch with the church office (we are here our regular hours) if you need assistance. Pastor Garner's direct number is 406-207-9666, feel free to call.