Our Staff

Here at Central Christian Church we have a small but dedicated staff willing to serve any of your needs. 

  Rev. Doug Garner-Senior Pastor

Melanie Dyce- Secretary

 Mel is responsibe for the newsletter and other communications out of the church office she also been known to haul some books around. Her favorite quote is "one of the perks of working here is I get first dibs on all the books, one of the draw backs of working here is I get first dibs on all the books." 

 Mel is married to John, a pastor at Ballanitine United Church of Christ. When not at work she is usually putzing in her garden or playing with her dogs; Roo, Mayble, Diego and Daisy, or reading one of the books she obtained from the Book Sale. 

 Jeanne and Greg Gordon-Music Directors

 Greg and Jeanne Gordon joined Central Christian Church as music directors in June 2016

Greg began playing guitar at an early age, and has since spent decades perfecting his skills as an artist, performing with bands, playing and teaching guitar, as well as writing his own music. While his primary focus of the arts is throutgh music, he also enjoys painting, sculpting, and creative writing.

Jeanne was introduced to classical music and chorale teaching at an early age with grandparents who were music educators. She sang in choirs throughout her youth and later studied Music Business at Berkelee Music College. She has been performing, as well as promoting and hosting music events locally since 2002.

When Greg and Jeanne aren't leading worship on Sundays, they enjoy spending time with their son Michael and granddaughter Marley, and playing live shows around Montana with their band, Sanctuary.

Although  Greg and Jeanne Gordon had no previous experience as church leaders prior to joining Central Christian, they both know that it was God's calling that led them here.